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Elliptical Vs. Bike

Chris L.
March 11, 2021

While both ellipticals and bikes are two of the most popular pieces of home gym equipment in the market, which is the right choice for you? We've compared the two machines and looked at construction, performance, and accessories to see which is the better choice in 2021!

Elliptical Overview

Elliptical cross trainers provide low-impact workouts for both the upper- and lower-body. These machines do a great job of simulating the motions you naturally do while walking, and they don't typically require a ton of maintenance. They're ideal for people who may be older or recovering from an injury who can't run normally.

Bike Overview

Stationary bikes are just like regular bicycles except you don't go anywhere. You stay in position while pedaling, giving your legs an intense workout. It's also low-impact and is recommended for individuals wanting to burn fat and lose weight.

Construction Comparison: Elliptical Vs. Bike


Ellipticals tend to come with large pedals for you to comfortably fit your feet. You then push the pedals forward while your arms move in tandem via the handlebars. Some other features to be aware of include:

  • Adjustable inclines
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Forward and reverse motions
  • Electronic features on console

Ellipticals offer movements you can't really replicate anywhere else. The fact it helps work out your entire body is a major plus when you don't want to overlook the major muscle groups.


Stationary bikes have the same basic outline as regular bikes. The pedals are roughly the same, and while some are bare, others come with straps to keep your feet secure. Other features to expect include:

  • Adjustable handlebars and seat positions
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Flywheel

While ellipticals often come with digital controls to allow you to alter the resistance with the push of a button, some bikes come with a knob you have to adjust manually to get a different level.

Performance Comparison: Elliptical Vs. Bike


You control the speed at which you perform, but there are other ways to enhance the experience. Some models allow you to alter the incline and decline as well as resistance settings. With the moveable handlebars, you can work out your upper-body as much as your lower for a full-body experience.


Bikes can also come with inclines, declines, and resistance changes, but they vary by model. The main difference stems from the fact there's no way to move your arms while you pedal. It's purely a lower-body regimen.

Technology and Warranty Comparison: Elliptical Vs. Bike


For most ellipticals, you should expect anywhere in the range of 10 to 35 workout programs. Via the console, you can keep track of distance traveled, calories burned, and time spent on the machine. Some of the more advanced models even come with Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to sync the device with your smartphone or tablet.

Most ellipticals should have a lifetime warranty on the frame. You can expect between 1 and 7 years of coverage on everything else.


Bikes come with a similar range of workouts. However, if you wind up with something like a Peloton bike, then you gain access to thousands of trainer-led regimens to provide you with a more personalized experience. All the while, you monitor your stats via the console.

Again, bike frames tend to have lifetime warranties although this differs based on the brand. You usually get 1 to 5 years of coverage on other components, including labor.

Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Low-impact workouts
  • Fully-body targeting
  • Reverse strides
  • Less exertion necessary


  • Bulkier machines
  • Stats may not be entirely accurate

Bike Pros & Cons


  • Safer than riding a regular bike
  • Smaller footprint
  • Easier on joints
  • Tend to be more affordable


  • Less upper-body engagement
  • Not suitable for training to compete on a bike
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So, Which Should You Choose?

A large part of what piece of cardio equipment you should buy comes down to personal preference. If you enjoy cycling in your free time, then a stationary bike may be the way to go. Ellipticals are great for people who want to work out their arms as much as their legs.

Ultimately, ellipticals are preferable for people who want to stay in shape but don't want to push their body too hard. It goes easy on your joints so that you can work out for a little bit each day, pushing yourself a little harder each time.

Meanwhile, bikes may work better for people who live in close quarters with others. They don't take up much space, especially when compared to an elliptical, so you can find room for one even if you live in an apartment.

Both are equally good when it comes to burning calories. It really just comes down to how you like working up a sweat. Do you want to sit or stand up? You really can't go wrong either way.

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