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#1 Horizon T101 review

Chris L.
January 12, 2021

The Horizon T101 is an affordable, entry-level treadmill. It costs far less than other models while still packing useful features, such as a Bluetooth speaker system and a powerful incline motor. It's easy to assemble, so you can get jogging in no time.

Is the Horizon T101 treadmill best for you?

The Horizon T101 is one of the brand's best-selling models, and it's easy to see why. It costs hundreds of dollars less than comparable models. And it's backed by a solid warranty that gives you lifetime coverage on the motor and frame. Considering the price tag, you end up with plenty of great features, including a Bluetooth audio system to listen to music, ebooks, or podcasts directly from the machine.

The console on this device is easy-to-read. It comes with 3 LED windows, so you can select from one of the 9 programs offered as well as keep track of your progress. The console even comes with a cooling fan you can direct toward your face to eliminate sweat. It's a great model for people who don't want all the frills but need something strong enough to last a long time.

Consider Horizon T101 if...

  • You need high-quality speakers. The Horizon T101 boasts a Bluetooth speaker system. This allows you to listen to workout playlists and podcasts directly from your treadmill.
  • You want a litany of workout programs. The Horizon T101 comes with an impressive set of preprogrammed settings. You can choose between 3 targets (calories, distance, and time) and 3 different workouts (weight loss, intervals, and manual).
  • You like portability. This treadmill comes with a simple folding design. If you don't want to leave it out all of the time, then you can easily fold it in on itself and tuck it away.

Avoid Horizon T101 if...

  • You don't like a short track. The running track on this machine measures 20" x 55". For taller people or individuals who just want a little extra room, the Horizon T202 treadmill is a bit longer with a track measuring 60 inches in length.
  • You enjoy running. The Horizon T101 comes with a 2.5CHP motor. It's a bit weaker than comparable models, which typically feature a 3.0CHP motor. With speeds only going up to 10 miles per hour, this model is best for people who just want to walk or lightly jog.
  • You want a fully integrated console. The treadmill holds tablets and phones if you want to watch or read something as you jog. However, some people prefer a treadmill with a built-in touchscreen so that you don't need to bring anything with you.

Horizon T101 pros & cons


  • COOLfit workout fan
  • 2 hydraulic shocks
  • 3-Zone cushioned deck
  • USB port


  • Short running track
  • Weaker motor

Construction and design

  • Motor: This device features a 2.5CHP motor, which comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Running Surface: The Horizon T101's running track measures 20" x 55".
  • Touchscreen: While this model doesn't feature a touchscreen, it does come with 3 LED windows to provide you with vital stats on your progress.
  • Speakers: Built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to play music over the machine directly.
  • Built-in Programs: It comes with 9 built-in programs. Each one focuses on a different aspect of your health.

Key Horizon T101 Specs

Reasons to buy Horizon T101?

  • You like staying comfortable as you run. Horizon treadmills are known for their user-friendly designs. This particular model even comes with a cooling fan you can point toward you to keep you cool and prevent overheating mid-workout.
  • You need to monitor your heart rate. The T101 features a dual-grip monitoring system to keep tabs on your heart rate. If your doctor has recommended you to keep your heart rate within a certain range, then you can effortlessly check in on it while you run.
  • You're on a budget. The T101 is an entry-level treadmill. As such, it often costs less than $1,000, making it a great choice for people looking for an affordable treadmill that still boasts plenty of nice features.

Reasons to avoid Horizon T101?

  • You like having more programs. There are 9 preset programs present on this device. This may be more than enough for some. But considering some models come with over 30, it may seem limiting.
  • You have sensitive joints. While the T101's cushioning is all right, it's not as soft as other models. It's fine if you plan on walking or lightly jogging most of the time. The Horizon Elite T5 may be more ideal if you want to go fast.

What real Horizon T101 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Horizon T101 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Horizon T101 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "Display has all the stuff I need."
  • "The treadmill works very well for our purposes: me, so I can train for the test that will let me go back to work, my wife so inclement weather won't slow her down. "
  • "I've only had this treadmill for three weeks, but I've used it every single day and I love it."
  • "I like to move that incline all the way up to 10% and move out at 3 mph for 20 minutes (this is when the fan feels really nice, as does being able to plug in your ipod or mp3 player) and then back down to 2-3% grade for 10-15 minute cool down."
  • "If you don't want to pay a ton for a treadmill and want something reliable with a good amount of features, this treadmill is worth every penny!"

What reviewers dislike

  • "The user manual is useless. Must have been written by someone who never uses a treadmill."
  • "The thing beeps multiple times when you turn it on, when you turn it off, when you increase or decrease speed."
  • "The pre-programmed workouts are not as extensive as other models, but they are sufficient for most needs."
  • "It sometimes squeaks a bit while running."
  • "I don't know if the heart rate monitor is entirely accurate."

Our verdict

The Horizon T101 is all about quality. With a heavy frame, quality suspension, and solid programs, practically anyone can get on this machine and find something to enjoy. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles you find with more contemporary treadmills. But if you just want something to jog on, it gets the job done.

This treadmill is a great choice for households on a budget. If you're new to fitness and want to focus on mild workouts, then you can get moving with ease on the T101.

Where to buy Horizon T101

You can find the Horizon T101 for sale on Amazon. The site makes it easy to compare treadmills from different brands, allowing you to decide for yourself which one is the best pick for you all while enjoying fast, free shipping.