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#1 Matrix Treadmill review

Chris L.
January 12, 2021

A Matrix treadmill puts you in control, allowing you to customize it as you see fit. You can select from 3 different consoles (each with different capabilities). But no matter which base model you get, a Matrix treadmill provides you with a powerful motor and superior suspension to make running enjoyable.

Is the Matrix Treadmill best for you?

A Matrix treadmill is a step above other brands. While there are several different models available, you find some things are the same across the board. The unique slat-belt is designed to last up to 100,000 miles with minimal maintenance along the way. And it comes with two-ply track belts to lessen the shock on your joints with each stride.

One thing you do have to consider is which console to get. From the fewest features to the most, console quality goes from XR, XER, and XIR. The more sophisticated consoles come with app compatibility and speakers to keep you entertained as you work out.

Consider Matrix Treadmill if...

  • You need a motor that doesn't quit. Matrix treadmills come with Johnson Drive motors. They come with lifetime guarantees in case anything does happen. These motors make the treadmills just as powerful as anything you find at a commercial gym.
  • You don't want to disturb anyone else while running. Matrix treadmills are designed to be quiet. This is attained in part from two-ply track belts that allow for quieter operation. You can run in peace without disturbing other people in the house too much.
  • You like building lean muscle. These treadmills are ideal for individuals interested in building muscle. They come with power inclines capable of reaching between 12 and 15 percent depending on the model.

Avoid Matrix Treadmill if...

  • You don't want to spend too much money. Matrix treadmills come with a lot of advanced features. But all of those bonuses come at a price. For something more affordable, you may want to look into the Sole line of treadmills.
  • You don't want extra fees. There are other features you can get with a Matrix treadmill, but you have to pay extra. For instance, a passport player, which allows you to play virtual workouts from a home entertainment system, is sold separately. The same holds true for the wireless chest straps.
  • You need the ability to move your treadmill. Matrix treadmills tend to weigh over 260 pounds. While this makes them sturdy, it also makes it tough to move from one room to the next. Wherever you set up your treadmill is probably where it should stay.

Matrix Treadmill pros & cons


  • Your choice of console
  • Up to 11 preset programs
  • Up to 3 built-in virtual active workouts
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Built-in speakers


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

Construction and design

  • Motor: Matrix treadmills come with either 3.0CHP or 3.25CHP motors. These are standard in the industry and allow the machine to offer plenty of power while keeping things fairly quiet.
  • Running Surface: The Matrix TF30 treadmill comes with a 20" x 55" running track. Other models have slightly larger tracks measuring 22" x 60".
  • Touchscreen: When buying a Matrix treadmill, you can choose between a basic XR, mid-level XER, or premier XIR console. The XR uses an older screen technology while XER and XIR utilize touchscreens.
  • Speakers: When you purchase a treadmill with the XIR console, your treadmill comes with built-in speakers to play music through the machine.
  • Built-in Programs: You get anywhere between 5 and 11 preset programs depending on what console you get. These range from "5K" to "Hill Climb" depending on what you hope to attain through your exercise regimen.

Key Matrix Treadmill Specs

Reasons to buy Matrix Treadmill?

  • You want to protect your knees. Matrix treadmills come with 1-inch thick decks placed within high-quality suspension systems. This provides a layer of cushioning you don't get with other treadmills. It's great for people with a history of knee or ankle problems who don't want to exacerbate those issues further.
  • You want to browse the web. When you purchase a Matrix treadmill with the XIR console, it comes with built-in virtual active workouts, smartphone compatibility, and a web browser. You can surf the web as you work out, which is great for any multitasker.
  • You want a treadmill that works for your home. Matrix offers 2 foldable and 2 non-foldable treadmill options. If you need extra space in your home, then you can opt for the foldable variety to store it when not in use. Or you can get a non-foldable treadmill if you have a home gym that can accommodate the machine all of the time.

Reasons to avoid Matrix Treadmill?

  • You want all the features. The XIR console gives you some great perks, but it's the most expensive option. When you can only get the XR console, you miss out on a lot while still spending quite a bit.
  • You want more preset programs. Matrix treadmills tap out at 11 present programs. Some treadmills offer as many as 50, which is great for people worried about getting bored on their machine.

What real Matrix Treadmill reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Matrix treadmill receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Matrix Treadmill scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "The treadmill itself is great. It's quiet; smooth; and responds well. I love to use it."
  • "It has a lot of practical features. It feels sturdy and is not over burdened with a [ton] of extras."
  • "Each machine has comparable horsepower and is strong enough for running and interval training."
  • "They feel great to use, are sold with appealing consoles, and are backed by generous warranties."
  • "No matter what your home gym requires, Matrix Fitness has a perfect machine for you."

What reviewers dislike

  • "The premium display leaves a lot to be desired. For the exuberant cost, it should be smooth and responsive like the treadmill."
  • "Not being able to save manual workouts and then log the results is a pain as well."
  • "The XR version is extremely basic. In technology it's also a little behind."
  • "It has issues with Google on the web browser."
  • "Hulu doesn't even load (error 39) neither does youtube."

Our verdict

Matrix has some exceptional treadmills. Plus, you have a level of customization you just can't get with other brands. You can go fairly basic if you don't need a lot of extras. Or you can go all in and deck your machine out with the premium XIR console that comes with a ton of added bonuses.

No matter which model you get, the motor and suspension system allow for a comfortable run that helps you achieve your fitness goals. Matrix treadmills are recommended for anyone serious about getting into shape.

Where to buy Matrix Treadmill

A variety of Matrix treadmills are available for great prices on Amazon. Plus, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy fast, free shipping on your purchase!