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#1 Speedfit Treadmill review

Chris L.
January 12, 2021

The Speedfit Treadmill doesn't come with a motor. Instead, you use your body's own gravity to push the belt along, resulting in greater calorie burn. You can walk, jog, and sprint at your leisure with the shock-absorbing belt keeping you comfortable every step of the way.


Is the Speedfit Treadmill best for you?

The Speedfit Treadmill is the original curved running system. In lieu of a motor pushing the belt, you go at whatever pace is most comfortable for you. You can start with a light walk and then gradually build to a sprint without having to adjust any of the settings on the display. It's a revolutionary system that's been imitated by other brands in the years since its release.

You can also take a 10-minute test to determine where you're at health-wise. From there, the system offers you a selection of over 5,000 personal workouts to help you perform your best. The Speedfit Treadmill is a great choice for beginners and experts alike who want a machine that grows with them.

Consider Speedfit Treadmill if...

  • You need to burn more calories. The Speedfit Treadmill uses the force from your own body to move. As a result, you utilize more energy in a shorter span of time. This allows you to burn more calories, so you end up with more productive workout sessions.
  • You want a completely customized experience. This non-motorized treadmill allows you to go at whatever pace you are most comfortable with. As such, there are over 5,000 personal workouts you can choose from. There's always something new and different to try.
  • You like not worrying about the motor. The motor is often the first part to break on many treadmills. Since the Speedfit doesn't come with that, you don't have to worry about needing to buy an expensive replacement.

Avoid Speedfit Treadmill if...

  • You want a more standard treadmill experience. For newcomers, getting used to utilizing your own gravity takes some time. A lot of people prefer the treadmill belt to do most of the work. A treadmill like the NordicTrack Z 1300i may be more your speed.
  • You don't want to spend a lot of money. The Speedfit Treadmill costs quite a lot, sometimes twice as much as other treadmills. If you can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of exercise equipment, then it may not be right for you.
  • You don't like not having a water bottle present. There are no bottle holders on the Speedfit Treadmill. You're going to have to wait until you can safely come off the treadmill before you can quench your thirst.

Speedfit Treadmill pros & cons


  • Soft tread belt with cushioning
  • Standardized level of fitness
  • Sturdy handlebars
  • Non-motorized


  • Expensive, definitely an investment.

Construction and design

  • Motor: The Speedfit Treadmill is non-motorized. It uses your body's own force to push the belt along. As such, it accurately replicates the sensation of running outdoors.
  • Running Surface: The belt provides you with a running surface measuring 17" x 66". It gives you plenty of room to run, and the handlebars allow you to maintain balance.
  • Touchscreen: There's no touchscreen on the Speedfit Treadmill. Instead, it comes with a display monitor to show off vital stats as you proceed through your workout.
  • Speakers: This treadmill doesn't come with built-in speakers. It's designed more to help you get the most out of your workout. But you can always bring your phone with music along with you.
  • Built-in Programs: After a simple 10-minute test, the Speedfit Treadmill provides you with an assortment of 5,000 personal workouts. You can exercise in exactly the manner that's most advantageous to your health.

Key Speedfit Treadmill Specs

  • You have joint problems. The Speedfit Treadmill boasts a shock-absorbing, low-mass tread belt. It cushions your legs with each stride, resulting in less strain on your bones, muscles, and joints. It's highly recommending for individuals with a history of knee or leg pain.
  • You want to mimic running outside. With other treadmills, you run at one speed until you change the settings. With the Speedfit Treadmill, you can adjust however it's most comfortable to you. It's easy to slow down when you need to catch your breath. And you can speed up effortlessly.
  • You need to monitor your heart. People with heart health issues need to keep tabs on their heart rates as they exercise. The Speedfit Treadmill allows you to easily watch this, so you can adjust your speed as needed.

Reasons to avoid Speedfit Treadmill?

  • You want special features. Other treadmills come with built-in speakers. Some even connect with apps on your smartphone, so you can monitor your workout progression. At such a high price, some people may not like how basic the Speedfit Treadmill is.
  • You want to bring your tablet with you. The display panel isn't suited for holding a tablet or phone. Therefore, you can't read or watch television as you work out. The Speedfit Treadmill is specifically designed to focus on providing you with more comprehensive workouts, so it's missing some more high-tech features.

What real Speedfit Treadmill reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Speedfit Treadmill receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Speedfit Treadmill scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  • "I will say it is truly my favorite treadmill to date. Simple to put together, and the best part of all: just get on and get off. No buttons to press."
  • "HIIT training is super easy because you just run fast or slow as naturally as you want."
  • "SpeedFit is the Original , Assault and the rest are knock-offs, they never figure out all the trade secrets of the Curve treadmill."
  • "It gives you a better way to run without any hurdles. It also reduces your joint stress."
  • "The belt system is shock-absorbing and smooth."

What reviewers dislike

  • "The real bonus was free shipping and a shipping time of a few days. This was wrought with frustration as the product did not arrive for a month despite what was listed on Amazon by the maker of the product."
  • "High cost."
  • "Care is required while using it."
  • "The steel frame is sturdy and strong; however, we wish the handles were thicker for a more comfortable grip."
  • "Wheels on the rear of treadmill, not front."

Our verdict

The Speedfit Treadmill is great for anyone serious about losing weight. Since you use your own bodily force, you burn more calories. And with thousands of personal workouts to choose from, there's always a good way to keep your regimen interesting.

That being said, the Speedfit Treadmill costs a great deal more than competing products. However, if you're serious about getting into shape, then it's an investment worth making. Durable construction in both the frame and belt ensure this treadmill lasts a long time. This machine is the closest you can get to actually running outside without having to leave your home.

Where to buy Speedfit Treadmill

The Speedfit Treadmill is available for the best price on Amazon. It comes with free shipping, and you can even purchase expert assembly so that an Amazon professional sets it up upon arrival.