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#1 Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review

Chris L.
February 9, 2021

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike may come with fewer features than the R616, but it's also more affordable. Plus, what it does come with is nothing to look down upon. With 22 workout programs and 20 resistance levels, it offers a lot more than what you get with other bikes in its price range.

Is the Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike best for you?

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is a sturdy machine with enough accessories to keep you coming back. Most notably, this bike comes with built-in speakers. This allows you to plug in your MP3 player via the USB port and listen to playlists over the bike itself. This eliminates the need to always have your headphones handy.

It also comes with a 3-speed fan for staying cool in the middle of a workout. And there's a tablet holder to keep your iPad in place. Even without an iFit subscription, you can keep yourself engaged by turning on Netflix, Hulu, or anything else you'd like to have to pass the time.

Consider Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike if...

  • You need ample programs. 22 preset programs come with this bike. They can be divided into various fields, such as heart rate control, fitness test, and custom.
  • You want easy assembly. In general, recumbent bikes have an advantage over ellipticals and treadmills because they're much simpler to put together. It should take roughly an hour to get this machine up-and-running.
  • You like a speaker system. Unlike bikes from Exerpeutic, this device comes with an onboard speaker. You can plug in your device and blast your playlist through the bike itself.

Avoid Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike if...

  • You want wireless heart rate capabilities. You can check your heart rate through the handlebar grips. However, many people prefer a wireless device, which this machine isn't compatible with.
  • You want something lighter. This bike weighs 84 pounds. It can be tough to move on your own compared to other recumbent bikes that only weigh about 40 pounds.
  • You don't like an unpadded seat. A big letdown is the fact this bike's seat isn't padded. It may not be the most comfortable, but you can always add your own if you require extra support.

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike pros & cons


  • DualTrack LCD displays
  • High-inertia drive system
  • 20 resistance levels
  • USB charging port


  • Unpadded seat
  • Heavy frame

Construction and design

  • Seat: The seat doesn't include any padding. But it does come with a backrest to provide greater ergonomics.
  • Pedals: The pedals are standard and even include straps to hold your feet in place better.
  • Handlebars: The handlebars come with heart rate monitoring grips.
  • Console: The console includes dual LCD displays to keep track of important stats. You're also going to find a water bottle holder, USB port, and built-in speakers within the console.
  • Built-in Programs: 22 preset programs give you an excellent assortment of exercises to try out.

Key Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Specs

Eddy current braking
Max Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Size (Dimensions)
49.6" x 28.3" x 65.3"
10 years on frame, 2 years on parts, 1 year on electronics, 90 days on labor

Reasons to buy Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike?

  1. You value silence. This is one quiet exercise bike. It barely makes a sound, great if you have a roommate or children in the home.
  2. You plan on using the bike with others. You can create up to 3 user profiles on this bike. This allows multiple people in your household to keep track of your metrics.
  3. You want your tablet handy. This bike comes with a tablet shelf that allows you to watch TV directly from your iPad. You can ensure it's charged the whole time via the USB port.

Reasons to avoid Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike?

  1. You don't have a ton of room in your home. This recumbent bike has a larger footprint than other models. You need to make sure to measure how much space you have in your home to dedicate to the machine.

What real Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "It has a wide range of adjustment for the seat which is nice since I am 6'3" and the wife is 5'6"."
  2. "It is quiet and the seat is comfortable and the resistance adjustment are easy with preset buttons 1-3-5-7 etc."
  3. "I put it together all by myself."
  4. "I just assembled it today, looks nice and simple."
  5. "Display is easy to read and use."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "The bike is stable and the pedaling is fairly smooth, although not as nice as a commercial bike."
  2. "The seat is very uncomfortable, particularly the back."
  3. "My only other problem was the size of the pedals which were not large enough to accommodate my size 12 exercise shoes."
  4. "Nautilus did not include a manual that explains the various programs and how they work."
  5. "Wish display was easier to read."

Our verdict

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is a solid value. It doesn't cost a whole lot of money, and you still end up with a great assortment of features. It's compatible with Bluetooth, and even comes with speakers onboard. Plus, the heavy flywheel offers a smooth pedaling motion, so you actually look forward to your workouts.

There are a few nitpicks with this machine. The seat is a disappointment, but you can put on your own cushioning to make it more enjoyable. If you don't mind spending a little extra to make the seat softer, it's definitely worth the investment.

Where to buy Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is available for the best price on Amazon—as are many other pieces of home gym equipment from the Nautilus brand. Take advantage of low prices and Amazon's fast, free shipping!