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#1 Sole E95 Elliptical Review

Chris L.
January 12, 2021

The Sole E95 provides high-tech features at an affordable price point. The E95 includes a Bluetooth audio system, heart monitoring system, a heavy flywheel, 20 incline settings, and adjustable foot pedals for a great elliptical workout. The E95 is whisper quiet, easy to assemble, and even includes a lifetime warranty.

Is the Sole E95 elliptical best for you?

If you enjoy built in Bluetooth audio systems, USB ports for device charging, built-in fans, 20 different incline settings, a variety of workout programs, and a whisper quiet workout experience, the Sole E95 is a great elliptical. This elliptical features all of the above and more – heart rate monitoring, adjustable pedals, and a lifetime warranty.

While heavy, this elliptical has many features that top-of-the-line ellipticals provide at a much higher price point. If you're trying to save money on a high-quality machine, the Sole E95 is a great choice for you.

Consider the Sole E95 if...

  • You need easy heart rate monitoring. If you need to monitor your heart rate for health reasons, or you simply like keeping an eye on how hard you're working, the Sole E95 has 2 easy methods for monitoring it. You can use the stationary handlebars to momentarily check in on your heart rate, or wear the compatible chest strap monitor to display your heart rate for the duration of your workout.
  • You want adjustable foot pedals. The E95 features a "worm drive" dial which allows you to adjust the foot pedals to an angle that feels most comfortable.This feature reduces numbness as well as any joint stress.
  • You like high-tech consoles. The E95's 10.1" display console includes a USB port, a smart device holder, and even a Bluetooth audio system for easy music listening during your workout.

Avoid the Sole E95 if...

  • You don't need a Bluetooth audio system. If you couldn't imagine parting with your earphones while working out, you may never get any use out of the E95's audio system.
  • You don't use incline settings. Many ellipticals don't feature an incline system, which makes the E95 different. If you prefer a traditional elliptical experience and don't like training on an incline, then the Sole E95 might not be for you.
  • You don't like built-in fans. Some people love built-in fans for their cooling effect, but others find them a distracting nuisance while trying to workout. If you don't like built-in fans, opt for a model without this feature.

Sole E95 pros & cons


  • USB port
  • Integrated smart device holder
  • Bluetooth audio speakers
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Power incline setting


  • Heavy duty steel frame is difficult to move
  • Finicky foot pedal adjustability

Construction and design

  • Flywheel: The Sole E95 features a heavy, 27 pound flywheel for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Pedals: The E95 provides foam cushioned, oversized foot pedals for added durability and comfort. A slight 2 degree inward slope on each pedal reduces ankle and knee stress while working out. Plus, these pedals feature an adjustable "worm drive" dial allowing you to customize pedal angle for added comfort and pain reduction.
  • Handlebars: Molded handle grips provide an ergonomic grip on the E95. The handlebars also include incline and resistance controls so you can easily change your workout intensity without interrupting your flow. Stationary handlebars at the front and center of this elliptical feature built-in pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate.
  • Console: The E95 includes a sleek, user-friendly console with a large display and button panel for straightforward program navigation. The console includes Bluetooth audio integration for easy music listening from your smart devices through the console speakers. A USB port allows you to recharge devices while working out, and the integrated tablet holder means you can watch your favorite TV shows, read, or even answer emails while you workout. A built-in fan and handy water bottle holder keep you cool and comfortable!
  • Resistance: The E95 uses ECB resistance, which is a technologically advanced magnetic resistance system. It also provides 20 different inclines to easily switch up the intensity of each workout.
  • Built-in Programs/Features: The E95 comes with 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, 2 heart programs, and heart rate monitoring for ease of use and simplified control over your workout length and intensity. This model includes a heart rate monitor chest strap for more accurate monitoring.

Key Sole E95 Specs

Reasons to buy the Sole E95?

  1. You want quality on a budget. If you're looking for a high quality, technologically advanced elliptical, but can't afford to spend $3000 or over, the Sole E95 is a great option. The E95 provides audio and heart rate monitor bluetooth connection, 20 different incline settings, 10 different workout programs, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It's a smart and economical investment!
  2. You're heavier set. If you're much heavier than your recommended weight for your height, and have a tough time finding ellipticals that accommodate your size, the E95 is a great option. This elliptical has a max weight capacity of 400 pounds and has a sturdy steel frame. The E95 won't shake, sway, or collapse if you're within this weight capacity range.
  3. You like diversifying your workout intensity. With a variety of different built-in programs and 20 different incline settings, you can continuously switch up your workout routine with the E95's variety of different program settings, resistance, and incline levels.

Reasons to avoid the Sole E95?

  1. It's heavy. If you're looking for an elliptical you can easily stash while not in use, the Sole E95 isn't a great choice. Its sturdy steel frame is a whopping 236 pounds and stands 5'9 feet tall. This piece of equipment is heavy and awkward to store.
  2. You aren't tech savvy. The E95 features a Bluetooth audio system, a built-in fan, several different workout programs, foot pedal adjustability, and handlebar controls. While this is a dream for some, for others, all of these technological features may sound too complicated, hindering an otherwise productive workout.

What real Sole E95 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? The Sole E95 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.8 (across several hundred reviews). The E95 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "By far the best bang for the buck, considering the options, reliability, and price."
  2. "The adjustable foot pedals to minimize the balls of the feet and toes from falling asleep on a long workout is an excellent feature for me."
  3. "This machine makes no noise. The incline is silent."
  4. "It was easy to put together with the supplied hardware and a screwdriver."
  5. "Excellent considering the price point. Doesn't shake around while you gasp and flail through your 30 minutes of torture."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "Call a couple of friends to help you bring it up the stairs or you may require back surgery. Better yet, try to have your house built around it so you don't have to carry it at all."
  2. "The fan does little to nothing to help cool you down."
  3. "I do not like that I have to place my iPod or iPhone directly in front of my screen display. In doing so, I cannot see a portion of the screen."
  4. "It did take me a few hours to put it together."
  5. "Has a quiet squeak and a quiet knock; but nothing too bad so far."

Our verdict

The Sole E95 Elliptical provides an excellent combination of versatility, high-tech features, and quality construction for its mid-range, under $2000 price point. This elliptical offers many different programs, 20 incline levels, adjustable foot pedals, and a high-tech, user-friendly console. Nearly every E95 review is a positive one raving about ease of use and whisper quiet workouts. The rare complaints are usually about the elliptical's heaviness and lengthy setup, which are relatively minor issues.

The Sole E95 is a great choice for individuals who enjoy a high-tech console and various built-in programs and settings without breaking the bank. This elliptical's sturdy frame and max weight capacity make it a great choice if you're heavier set and rely on a durable frame for a worry-free workout!

Where to buy the Sole E95

You can find the Sole E95 elliptical on Amazon for a great price! Use Amazon Prime to have your new machine delivered in just a few days. Amazon makes it easy to compare the Sole E95 with other elliptical options, so you can decide which machine is ultimately right for you.