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#1 Proform Elliptical Review

Chris L.
January 16, 2021

Proform ellipticals are great pieces of home gym equipment for the price. Some of the features that come standard on these machines include extensive preset programs, sound systems, and tablet holders. Some of them even come with built-in HD touchscreens, so you can utilize iFit programs directly there on your elliptical.

Is the Proform Elliptical best for you?

Proform has several different series of ellipticals to look at, including Endurance, Pro, CSE, and Hybrid. You want to look at each option carefully because they all have their pros and cons. Fortunately, there are some aspects you can expect no matter which machine you buy.

Touchscreens are common, especially if you buy a Proform elliptical new in 2021. However, even if yours doesn't have that component, then you can utilize your own mobile device via an integrated holder. Other features you can find on these machines include wireless telemetry and adjustable incline options. With Proform, you can work out in a number of ways in whatever manner you feel most comfortable.

Consider Proform Elliptical if...

  • You need something well-priced. Proform has a stunning assortment of ellipticals available priced for every budget. Whether you need something under $1,000 or can afford to splurge a little, there's a machine for you.
  • You want total body workouts. Proform ellipticals feature moving handlebars, allowing you to exercise your arms as much as your legs. It provides for a full-body regimen many users end up loving.
  • You like touchscreen consoles. Proform is on the cutting-edge of workout technology. Many of its models feature a touchscreen. Plus, you can always use your smartphone or tablet as a secondary monitor if you want to use a program like iFit.

Avoid Proform Elliptical if...

  • You don't want to pay for any extras. This brand's ellipticals are compatible with an iFit subscription, and you even get a 1-year trial subscription free with your purchase. However, you have to pay a monthly fee to access it. Some people don't want to spend more money on top of the expense of the machine itself.
  • You don't need a heavy machine. Proform ellipticals can weigh over 200 pounds. While they do come with transport wheels, it's much heavier than something like the Schwinn 411, which only weighs 120 pounds.
  • You don't like all the options. You need to make sure you do your research before buying a Proform elliptical. The features in each model can vary significantly, so you really need to do your research before buying anything.

Proform Elliptical pros & cons


  • Touchscreen consoles
  • Adjustable incline options
  • Moving handlebars
  • Diversity in workout programs


  • Potential extra fees
  • Features vary substantially

Construction and design

  • Flywheel: You can expect some pretty heavy flywheels with the Proform brand. The Pro 9.9 offers a 28-pound flywheel while something like the more advanced 16.9 gives you a 32-pound component.
  • Pedals: Proform has some of the most comfortable elliptical pedals in the industry. They're oversized and cushioned to limit the impact on your joints.
  • Handlebars: You can move the handlebars in tandem with the pedals for a full-body exercise.
  • Console: Many modern Proform ellipticals give you a touchscreen on the console that allows you to access iFit and other programs directly on the machine.
  • Resistance: These trainers typically offer between 24 and 26 resistance levels depending on the model you purchase.
  • Built-in Programs/Features: Every elliptical provides a preset program menu with a great assortment of exercise options to choose from. Plus, you gain an unlimited number of programs with an iFit subscription.

Key Proform Elliptical Specs

Stride Length
15" - 22"
Heart/Pulse Sensor?
Built-in Programs?
Max Weight Capacity
Up to 350 pounds
Size (Dimensions)
CSE Series
Lifetime on frame, 3-5 years on parts, 1 year on labor

Reasons to buy Proform Elliptical?

  1. You want something built to last. Proform ellipticals features sturdy steel frames. They're built to withstand the test of time, but even if something happens, you're covered by a lifetime frame warranty.
  2. You want to really push yourself. Proform ellipticals can give you an incline of up to 30 degrees and a decline of up to -10 degrees. With these settings, you can burn even more calories in a shorter amount of time.
  3. You have multiple people wanting to use the elliptical. With an adjustable stride length, people of all heights can benefit from this elliptical. It's a great perk if you have several people in the same household wanting to use this machine.

Reasons to avoid Proform Elliptical?

  1. You want an older Proform model. A lot of Proform's models have been discontinued. This makes them tough to find, and while they may cost less than the more modern machines, they're tough to track down.
  2. You want a better fan. One thing that seems common amongst Proform ellipticals is the weak fan. While it provides you with a slight breeze, it doesn't seem like it's enough to really cool you off after a tough session.

What real Proform Elliptical reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Proform ellipticals receive high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.8 (across several hundred reviews). Proform ellipticals scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "Overall very good. This machine provides plenty of resistance."
  2. "From what I can tell, it's the best screen on any home elliptical at this price."
  3. "You can set a manual workout or there's some video workouts you can do where a nice lady leads you on some trails in various places and exhorts you to work out."
  4. "You can definitely feel your quads, calf muscles and glutes being worked on way more (which I actually like)."
  5. "Completely silent, except for the fan."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "Biggest gripe is the ifit program is $180 a year which includes an ifit fitness wrist band."
  2. "Bluetooth is limited."
  3. "I wish the onboard computer would allow tracking of workouts without having to buy an iFit membership."
  4. "The electronics on it have froze a few [times]."
  5. "There is hardly any storage, and the cup holder is very hard to reach."

Our verdict

Proform ellipticals make for great additions to any home gym. Considering the features you get, such as adjustable stride length and touchscreens, these machines are ideal in their price range. Bowflex and Nordictrack may be more recognizable names, but that just means you stand to land a great deal with Proform.

There are a few minor issues with this line of ellipticals. Depending on the model you buy, you may not get the most ideal touchscreen available. But the best part is that the brand has numerous devices available, so you're bound to find one that suits your needs.

Where to buy Proform Elliptical

You can find plenty of Proform ellipticals on Amazon. They're available for great prices. Plus, you can save even more with free shipping.