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#1 Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill Review

Chris L.
January 29, 2021

The Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill is most noteworthy for its low price. However, you get what you pay for, which results in a weaker motor and significantly fewer features than what you might get elsewhere. Still, its affordability can't be denied, especially if you're only interested in walking or light jogging.

Is the Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill best for you?

A lot of people like having a treadmill in a room where they can leisurely walk while watching TV or reading a good book. If you fall into that category and want to burn calories without spending a ton of money, then the Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill is worth considering. It has 8 programs and incline settings up to 10 degrees, so you can customize somewhat to really feel the burn.

Like most other Proform treadmills, this model comes with ProShox cushioning to support your joints with every step. It's much more comfortable compared to jogging on the sidewalk, making it a great choice for people recovering from a prior injury.

Consider Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill if...

  • You're on a budget. Proform is known for offering a myriad of exercise machines at affordable prices. This one, in particular, comes at a low price that may be attractive for some.
  • You want foldability. When this treadmill isn't in use, you can fold it up. That way it takes up less space in the room it's in, which is particularly useful if you have it in a living room or another space where people tend to gather.
  • You appreciate a solid aesthetic. A lot of compliments for this treadmill are geared toward the look. It has a sleek look that allows it to blend in with the rest of your home's decor.

Avoid Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill if...

  • You need more programs. The Proform Performance 400i Treadmill comes with 50 programs. This one only has 8, which really seems sparse.
  • You want greater resistance. These light settings even extend into resistance. You only have 8 resistance levels you can work up in, which more experienced runners may go through quickly.
  • You want to consistently sprint. The 2.50CHP motor is suitable for walking. However, it's not the most powerful motor out there. Running at the top speed of 10 miles per hour may place too much stress on the machine.

Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill pros & cons


  • Tablet holder
  • Heart rate monitor
  • ProShox cushioning
  • Large LCD display


  • Weak warranty
  • Limited settings

Construction and design

  • Motor: The 2.50CHP motor is weaker than what you might find elsewhere.
  • Running Surface: The belt size on this machine measures 18" x 50", which taller people may find to be a bit too short.
  • Touchscreen: The console features an LCD display that provides you with data related to calories, distance, pulse, speed, and time.
  • Speakers: There are no speakers built into this device.
  • Built-in Programs: You have 8 preset programs to choose from.

Key Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill Specs

Top Speed
10 mph
Running Surface
18" x 50"
10 degrees
Max Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Size (Dimensions)
59.5" x 65" x 32.75"
Limited 90-day warranty on parts and labor

Reasons to buy Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill?

  1. You're shorter. Some people may find it uncomfortable to run on the shorter tread belt. But if you're of a shorter stature, it shouldn't be an issue.
  2. You want a machine that comes with weights. This treadmill includes dual 2-pound weights. This allows you to work out your arms as you power-walk.
  3. You plan on walking a lot. This is a solid treadmill for people who want to walk in the comfort of their homes. It's ideal if you just want something light and breezy for simple workouts.

Reasons to avoid Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill?

  1. You want greater confidence. A 90-day limited warranty isn't that long. Something could easily go wrong in the first year, so you need to be aware of the risks.
  2. You want something more advanced. This treadmill is fairly bare-bones. There's no fan or speakers. Some people may not mind spending a little more to get some better technology.

What real Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.74 (across several hundred reviews). Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "The experience has been nothing short of awesome."
  2. "It has the features and benefits for the routine runners/walkers who like to track progress."
  3. "Fairly quiet operation, I can watch TV and drink my coffee while walking at 3.0 at a 15 degree incline."
  4. "Makes running on a treadmill less of a burden!"
  5. "I cannot picture my life without it."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "While it has very few pieces to assemble, the sheer strength required is daunting."
  2. "Cannot reach a live person to speak by telephone."
  3. "SUPER heavy!"
  4. "As far as durability, time will tell."
  5. "Do yourself a favor and pay someone to put this behemoth together for you."

Our verdict

Ultimately, the Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill is good if you're on a tight budget. It only costs a few hundred dollars, so you can outfit your home gym with a sturdy piece of equipment without breaking the bank.

With that being said, there are plenty of other treadmills in its price range that offer more advanced features. The lack of programs and resistance settings may mean you get bored of this item prematurely. If you're really tight on funds, try finding a different treadmill that still offers something more than this one.

Where to buy Proform Sport 4.0 Treadmill

Proform Sport 4.0 treadmills are tough to track down these days. However, you can find plenty of excellent Proform treadmills on Amazon for great prices. You can compare different models and take advantage of Amazon's free shipping!