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#1 Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Review

Chris L.
February 19, 2021

The Bowflex PR3000 allows you to strengthen your muscles with over 50 different exercises with the company's patented power rod technology. The no-change pulley system allows you to stay focused on your workouts while every model comes with a guide showing you how you can best utilize your new machine.

Is the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym best for you?

The Bowflex PR3000 home gym is great for people wanting to boost their health. It's an all-encompassing machine that allows you to focus on your arms, shoulders, core, back, and legs without the hassle of needing to put various components together each time you want to switch things up.

There's 210 pounds of resistance with this model. However, you also have the option of upgrading to 310-pound resistance rods to really push yourself. But your comfort is always front and center, as evidenced with the 4-inch roller cushions to make the movement on your joints with leg curls feel a lot better.

Consider Bowflex PR3000 if...

  • You need to stay focused on your regimen. The no-change pulley system makes it easy to go from one workout to the next, even if it's centered on a different muscle group. That way you can move flawlessly without having too much downtime.
  • You want different people in your household to use it. The adjustable bench seat means people of all sizes can benefit from this home gym. Changing its position is a breeze, so everyone gets the angle they want.
  • You like versatility. There are over 50 different exercises to try that focus on your upper body, lower body, and core.

Avoid Bowflex PR3000 if...

  • You prefer a lat bar. You can do pull-ups on this machine via the hand grips. However, many people prefer to do that exercise with a lat bar that's absent here.
  • You want a longer warranty. You only get 1 year of coverage on the frame, which is pretty light considering this model comes from Bowflex.
  • You don't like being misled. Some users note how the readings on the weights can be inaccurate. You may not actually be lifting as much as you think you are.

Bowflex PR3000 pros & cons


  • Power rod resistance up to 210 pounds
  • Upgrades available to go up to 310 pounds
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • Full Body Plan access


  • Limited warranty
  • Missing some accessories

What areas of the body does Bowflex PR3000 target?

  • Arms: You have a total of 4 arm exercises to try on this machine, including tricep pushdown.
  • Legs: 7 leg exercises are possible, such as kickbacks and leg extensions.
  • Chest: With 3 chest exercises, namely a decline, incline, and flat press, you can work out your pectoral muscles like never before.
  • Back: 4 back exercises get you in shape as you perform lower back extensions and rows.
  • Shoulders: 6 shoulder exercises, including delt raises and presses, further assist you in getting the arms you've always wanted.
  • Core: Ab crunches and trunk rotations may finally get you that six-pack.

Is the Bowflex PR3000 easy to use?

Assembly is pretty straightforward. Plus, you have a manual to guide you every step of the way. It may take a couple of hours to put together, but once it's operational, you can effortlessly transition from one workout to the next without issue.

Key Bowflex PR3000 Specs

Power rod
# of Exercises
Easy To Switch Exercises?
Max Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Size (Dimensions)
96" x 78" x 83"
7 years on power rods, 1 year on frame, 60 days on parts

Reasons to buy Bowflex PR3000?

  1. You're new to lifting weights. This model comes with the Bowflex Full Body Plan. This shows you exactly how to use the machine, so you can lift safely and efficiently.
  2. You want to save money. The Bowflex PR3000 is a bit of an older model. Therefore, you can typically find them for less money than its more contemporary counterparts.
  3. You're short on space. While there's no folding feature, the PR3000 doesn't take up a ton of room. You just want to make sure you measure the space you have in mind for it ahead of time before ordering.

Reasons to avoid Bowflex PR3000?

  1. You don't want to hunt for your home gym. The Bowflex PR3000 has since been discontinued. You can't even find them on Bowflex's website anymore, so they can be tough to find in the first place.

What real Bowflex PR3000 reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Bowflex PR3000 receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.8 (across several hundred reviews). Bowflex PR3000 scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "The machine works like the day I bought it, still looks brand new, and with the upgrade has me really working hard."
  2. "The only cable changes I have to make is when I want to sit down and work the legs, other than that, all I change is the attachment for the rods."
  3. "I've used it for almost 2 months and really 'feel' the difference."
  4. "Building the athletic type body is perfect with this machine."
  5. "Love the stationary cables for each pulley."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "I would love [an] exercise chart to post up and help with workout."
  2. "I’m not able to get resistance in the full range of motion from the leg extension exercise."
  3. "It won't be sufficient for a professional power lifter."
  4. "It takes a little getting used to, especially having to change resistance and stations."
  5. "The squat capability on this system is a bonus, but has a slight problem."

Our verdict

The Bowflex PR3000 is a suitable model for most people just looking to improve their health. You get to enjoy a wide range of workouts that focus on practically every muscle group in your body. Not only that, but the power rod resistance is smooth, making it great for people who don't want to risk hurting themselves.

If you have some extra money to spend, there are other Bowflex models that come with more accessories. However, that's really only necessary if you want to get into bodybuilding or want to compete in a sport. For most people, the PR3000 is just fine.

Where to buy Bowflex PR3000

While many places have stopped selling the Bowflex PR3000, you can still find it for a great price on Amazon. Plus, it ships fast and free!