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#1 Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Review

Chris L.
February 19, 2021

The Bowflex Xceed offers a wide spectrum of over 60 exercises. In addition to a smooth pulley system for less stress on people's joints, the Xceed also offers comfortable accouterments, such as a wider backrest than average as well as a more attractive design.

Is the Bowflex Xceed Home Gym best for you?

The Bowflex Xceed is an affordable home gym that offers as good of a workout as you find in the gym. Like many Bowflex products, it comes with power rod resistance that are made to last with a specialized elastomer. Not only that, the rods come with a lifetime warranty in case anything does happen.

It supports weight resistance up to 210 pounds, which should be suitable for most people who are just looking to tone muscles across their body. Fortunately, you can purchase upgradeable power rods to go up to 310 or 410 pounds. That leaves room for growth, which is why many people who use the Xceed still have it years later.

Consider Bowflex Xceed if...

  • You need heavy-duty pulleys. Instead of free weights, this machine utilizes pulleys featuring steel ball bearings. It offers smooth operation providing less stress on your joints.
  • You want to be able to grow. This model starts off at 210 pounds of resistance. But with upgrades, you can go up to 310 or 410 pounds.
  • You like staying comfortable. The device features foam cushioning and faux leather upholstery. It's made to last and keeps you comfy throughout your regimen.

Avoid Bowflex Xceed if...

  • You don't want a tough assembly. The Xceed doesn't include all the tools you need to put it together. You're going to need an adjustable wrench, flathead screwdriver and Phillips screwdriver to get the job done.
  • You don't want additional accessories to buy. The ankle cuffs and ab harness don't come included.
  • You don't like tracking down a home gym. The Xceed has since been discontinued. You're going to have a tough time finding one even if you want to buy it used.

Bowflex Xceed pros & cons


  • Multiple pulley/cable positions
  • Quick release seat
  • Vertical bench press
  • Lat bar
  • Squat bar


  • Reduced number of pulleys
  • Difficult assembly

What areas of the body does Bowflex Xceed target?

  • Arms: The hand grips and the lat pulldown bar allow you to perform an array of exercises, including triceps pushdowns.
  • Legs: Leg extensions and squats are made simple with their own station that allows you to focus on lower-body muscles.
  • Chest: There are 3 chest exercises you can utilize on this machine, which are incline chest flies, chest flies, and bench presses.
  • Back: Back exercises, such as seated lat rows and bent rear delt rows, work out those muscles you may not be able to target without a machine.
  • Shoulders: Front shoulder raises and seated shoulder presses are great when you want your upper body to look its best.
  • Core: You're going to need an extra ab harness if you want to perform ab crunches.

Is the Bowflex Xceed easy to use?

You need your own tools if you want to put the Bowflex Xceed together. Make sure you have a toolbox handy before ordering it. Otherwise, you may want to consider hiring someone to put it together for you. It takes some getting used to when you want to go from one station to the next with the adjustments necessary to all of the pulleys, but it's easy to get the hang of over time.

Key Bowflex Xceed Specs

Power rod
# of Exercises
Easy To Switch Exercises?
Max Weight Capacity
300 pounds
Size (Dimensions)
53" x 49" x 82"
Lifetime on rods, 7 years on frame

Reasons to buy Bowflex Xceed?

  1. You want something that lasts. The Xceed is made from durable steel materials. It also comes with a chip-resistant and rust-resistant paint finish.
  2. You live somewhere small. The Xceed is smaller in size compared to something like the Bowflex Xtreme 2. This makes it a preferable option if you live in an apartment or need to put it in a garage.
  3. You plan on having multiple people use it. The seat's adjustable, so it can accommodate users up to 6'5".

Reasons to avoid Bowflex Xceed?

  1. You want a rear top pulley bar. This model comes with a similar structure to the Bowflex Xtreme 2SE, but it doesn't include a rear top pulley bar. It has plenty of other pulley systems and stations, so most people should still find a good assortment of exercises possible.

What real Bowflex Xceed reviews say

We spent 18 hours scouring the web (reading over 253 customer reviews). Our conclusion? Bowflex Xceed receives high praise! Our average consolidated user rating sits around a 4.6 - 4.8 (across several hundred reviews). Bowflex Xceed scored higher, on average, compared to their closest competitors.

What reviewers like

  1. "I love the workout and it is easy to change the weight limits."
  2. "I am very happy I purchased it and WOW what a great price!"
  3. "I already lost 22 pounds and I feel much stronger."
  4. "I feel like I will continue to use this piece of equipment for many years."
  5. "[It's] a great machine for beginners and people just trying to tone up which is exactly what I wanted."

What reviewers dislike

  1. "At first I can be a little confusing because you have to change the different pulleys for different exercise but it does not take long to learn."
  2. "I'm not giving it 5 stars because it is a little tedious [assembly]."
  3. "The only thing that the Bowflex Xceed does not provide is cardio."
  4. "Not all the tools required for the assembly are included."
  5. "This Bowflex home gym doesn’t have adjustable stabilizers."

Our verdict

The Bowflex Xceed is a solid option for the price. It costs less than other home gyms from Bowflex due to a reduced number of pulleys, but there are still enough stations for you to get in a great workout every time. It's compact and ultimately saves you a lot of money compared to a gym membership over time.

There's no cardio station. Other home gyms feature a rowing mechanism, which is great for warming up and cooling down. If you don't mind doing without some features in exchange for saving money, it's worth considering.

Where to buy Bowflex Xceed

The Bowflex Xceed is sometimes available on Amazon. However, Amazon has plenty of other Bowflex home gyms available at great prices and free shipping.